Zoonou teams with RNIB to encourage testing for all

A UK based software and website testing company has formally teamed up with the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) with the aim of making web access and software testing available to all, regardless of ability or disability.

As part of the partnership, Zoonou can provide disabled tester in addition to its WCAG compliance and assistive technology testing to provide a complete accessibility testing service. It also offers accessibility workshops that demonstrate to different business functions how they can build digital products that are accessible to users with a variety of accessibility requirements.

The firm will also practice assistive technology testing to cover a broad range of end users and to double-check user journeys. In order to assess the best approach to testing, it will conduct an accessibility strategy.

Real user experiences

Zoonou wants to test real user experiences from the disabled community to give insights and improve on its software testing.

The RNIB already has many years’ worth of experience in conductor using testing but hopes that by doing disabled user testing, it will be able to recruit people with a range of accessibility requirements. Including, motor, visual and cognitive impairments.

A selected panel of users, who have a varying amount of technical experience, complete a set of tasks whilst having their journeys recorded that be observed live by Zoonou’s clients. The testing is led by a consultant and the results are analysed to seek out any improvements that can be made to the product

An “extremely exciting opportunity”

Rhodri Alexander, Client Services Director at Zoonou, says: “The partnership with the RNIB is an extremely exciting opportunity for Zoonou, and more importantly is a meaningful step towards greater awareness of digital accessibility in our industry. The RNIB’s disabled user testing compliments our expert WCAG audits and assistive technology testing to create what we believe is a unique relationship between the testing industry and a charity partner.”

Whilst William Bunch, Zoonou’s Accessibility Lead, discusses how testing in this way is a benefit to both the client and the company. He says: “Disabled user testing is essential to ensuring that a user’s accessibility needs are met, it can highlight issues that won’t be picked up by WCAG audits and enlightens project managers and developers with a greater understanding of how disabled users interact with their application. At the end of the testing clients receive a full report detailing any issues observed and actionable steps for resolution, they are also provided recordings from the session that can be referenced during development and used internally for training.”


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