Yorkshire Building Society develops customer-friendly apps as part of its digitalization strategy

Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) Group announced the creation of a new online mortgage calculator that is able to increase conversions by 54% by using Outsystems. YBS is now also capable to quickly develop and deliver customer-friendly apps.


With this new app, YBS has integrated digitalization within its business strategy in order to build customer-centric services and trust with its customers. By doing so, YBS can provide more choices for customers, help reduce inbound calls and wait times, and improve the overall customer experience.


By using OutSystems Sentry, YBS is able to have the speed and agility advantages of high-speed application development, as well as better security, risk management, and monitoring for a SOC2 Type II compliant cloud platform. Hence, with this new digitalization of their systems, YBS can give their customers a seamless experience and allow them to carry out their activities quickly and easily.


After successful delivery of the mortgage calculator application, the development team is bound to join a project to overhaul the customer acquisition journey for savings products. Thus, this new digital experience would only 6 minutes compared to the usual 10. Moreover, during A/B testing, YBS witnessed a 19% increase in application completions.


Finally, YBS is also exploring various opportunities that could enhance its processes with OutSystems as part of its digitalization agenda.

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