Wood and NERA collaboration to deliver new AI software solution for offshore inspections

It was recently announced that the Aberdeen-based company Wood and National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) are collaborating in order to deliver an artificial intelligence (AI) software solution for offshore asset inspections.

Indeed, the Augmented Machine Vision Solution (AMVS) has been developed for 12 months and should create savings of $2 billion per year. The project aims to create a safe and fast inspection approach that can offer operators more accurate and up-to-date information so as to help maximize the output of assets.

By doing so, inspections should be less susceptible to human error and inconsistencies, thus they will be more accurate. The new AI software should also help flag up any anomalies as well as eliminate the need for technicians to travel to hazardous, offshore sites. It would eventually read to better-connected operations that can be realized through faster turnaround times and reduced costs for crew and vessels.

It was stated that NERA is very pleased to be part of the project and see potential opportunities emerging for this solution to be deployed into various fields.

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