What will the Software Testing Industry Forum bring to 2020?

From global industries to local start-ups, software testers have a lot to deal with, and whether it’s being involved in quality assurance or searching for defects, they are an essential part of making a good company great.

The Software Testing Industry Forum is a complimentary event aimed at end-users who are looking to investigate, understand and purchase services or products in QA and software testing areas.

The British Museum, based in central London, will play host to the forum on 25th February 2020. Attendees will be able to explore, learn and understand more on the latest cutting-edge products, services and solutions from core streams, defining speakers and general networking.

What will be looked at?

Three core streams being examined will be:

  • Tools and technology
  • People and processes
  • Strategy and management

For each stream, there will be a 30-minute presentation along with three keynote presentations from industry experts at various points in the day.

At the end of the forum, buyers will have more of an understanding of the latest products and services available to them. They will also have a view in facilitating key business purchasing decisions, which allow them to have a positive impact on taking their business forward.

A great environment for people

Delegates will be able to relax in a comfortable and educational environment as The Software Testing Industry Forum merges conference and exhibition formats. Case studies, opinions and user experiences will be combined to help people make informed decisions on which products and services work best for them and their organisations.

The benefits that both delegates and exhibitors get from this is that it:

  • allows for a more focused, informed buying decision to take place.
  • removes the hustle & bustle of an exhibition, reducing distractions
  • increases 1-on-1 time ensuring a more detailed understanding of products & services

The Software Testing Forum happening this coming February helps delegates to make faster and more informed decisions on which products and services help accelerate their business. This not only increases ROI but saves time for firms, too.

The Software Testing Industry Forum is open to all end-users in the Software Testing & QA trade.

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