Wakefield College to offer work placement for engineering students

Wakefield College has recently announced a partnership with Sewtec Automation in order to provide work placement in the engineering industry for college students.

Indeed, a group of BTEC Level 3 Engineering students were allowed to spend 5 days on a project where they learned about the company and designed a project based on robotic automation. The students were then given feedback and had the opportunity to attend CV and interview skills workshops provided by the company. Hence, this work placement gives college students valuable insight and experience into the very competitive world of engineering and manufacturing.

Following the internship, they are also encouraged to stay in touch for further questions.
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The company also declared it would be committed to supporting many future engineers and look forward to continuing working with Wakefield College.

Wakefield College highlighted the importance of these work placements for students to prepare them for the future.
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It stated that this partnership with Sewtec has been highly beneficial and will continue to work with the company.

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