Volvo Car UK to be deploying Vodafone Automotive IoT tracker

Volvo Car UK has recently started to deploy a new vehicle tracking accessory based on Vodafone Automotive technology.

Indeed, the tracking accessory uses the Vodafone internet of things (IoT) and allows vehicle tracking and recovery via Vodafone Automotive’s network of secure operating centres. It is operational 24/7 as well as work in partnership with local police nationwide and across 44 European countries.

Moreover, this tracking function can pinpoint a car’s location down to 10 metres and monitor the car location in real-time. The system automatically recognises a small card carried by the driver and if the car is stolen or driven without the card, Vodafone Automotive and local police services will be notified instantly and have access to the vehicle’s location to recover it as soon as possible.

The tracker can detect attempts to tow the car away or tamper with its battery or wires in a theft attempt as well. The tracker has been approved in testing by Thatcham Research and aims to help car owners secure reductions in their insurance premiums.


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