Vodafone UK to use open RAN and 5G solutions from Samsung

It was recently announced that Vodafone UK will be using open RAN, 4G, and 5G solutions from Samsung for the telco’s virtualized RAN (vRAN) deployment in the UK.

This will be the first time that Samsung is supplying its 5G network as well as its vRAN solutions to a large European mobile operator such as Vodafone. The vRAN solution is said to be software-based and to be running on commercial off-the-shelf servers with significant features and performance.

Moreover, the solution is stated to be cloud-native and have a container-based architecture, allowing for better and more flexible deployment as well as more effective network management for telcos. The solution also contains automation capabilities that should help simplify end-to-end network management and enable operators to meet demands quicker with minimal impact on deployment.

By doing so, Vodafone is thus committed to leading the next wave of digital transformations across Europe.


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