Vodafone UK to introduce new IoT-based tech to help the water industry

Vodafone UK has recently launched a new Internet of Things (IoT)-based technology that aims to improve the efficiency of the water industry systems.

Indeed, with IoT-based technology, the company hoped to fix the many issues of the water industry and prolong the life of legacy monitoring systems. In this, the data often becomes trapped on separate systems that don’t communicate with each other and have incompatible technical standards. Hence, the water industry had to face several operational inefficiencies and disparate technologies.

The IoT tech then should help in improving monitoring and detection systems, increasing efficiency, reducing wastage, and meeting regulatory requirements. The new system should also allow water companies to raise their level of surveillance and telemetry on networks so as to meet regulatory and environmental standards all the while ensuring greater efficiency and reduced wastage. The platform will integrate old and new sensors in one single system, improving the overall operational efficiency of the water industry.



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