Visual AI to improve Application Testing

Tricentis recently added visual test design and automation technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) to its Tosca platform. This allowed the platform to automatically recognize and identify visual user interface elements and identify the most efficient tests to run as an application is being developed, shifting the testing further left during the development process.

In the future, it is possible that testing capabilities based on visual AI technologies will be included in testing tools. This would allow developers to design applications much faster as many user experience issues would be identified and fixed quickly with AI tools.

With AI, a number of potential issues could be prevented early on in the development cycle and in time, increasing the productivity of DevOps teams. Similarly, the number of successful applications moving through the build process should increase as, on the other hand, the amount of testing should decrease.

This transformation should possibly allow IT teams to devote more time and resources to the building instead of testing applications.

AI truly seems to be the future of testing as it is applied more and more across the entire application development and deployment life cycle. Although these changes take time, organizations will be incorporating AI into their DevOps processes more often and will benefit from many advantages, such as an improved user experience.

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