Urban Outfitters to deploy automated picking solution

The clothing brand Urban Outfitters has recently launched a new fulfillment center that will feature automated conveyors and picking robots.

After a successful test pilot in the U.K., the company should be ready to implement the FlashPick system from TGW in a U.S. warehouse by 2023. This new system will pick orders automatically, transport them to the storage warehouse as well as ensure that the next picking is being taken care of.

By leveraging FlashPick, Urban Outfitters will be able to use the horsepower to pick orders discreetly and then incorporate the same workstations and software as it was using in the U.K. pilot.

With the spread of the pandemic, the company faced an unprecedented surge in online orders and major workforce disruption. Hence, relying on robots to perform picking processes has become a solution for many retailers, including Urban Outfitters.
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This flexible and adaptable solution will allow the company to increase its speed and efficiency in order to meet the needs of the customers. The new facility will be highly automated and incorporate robotics to support the growth of the business.
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