Ulster University to offer virtual reality courses

The creators of the Fortnite video game have endorsed virtual reality courses at Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

Indeed, the university received an investment of £1m, which will be dedicated to training students in virtual technology using the Unreal Engine to help them develop real-time 3D skills. The university will then feature an LED wall with camera-tracking technology, full-body motion capture, facial capture, a large green screen, and virtual cameras.

The university also offers virtual production training such as high-end production skills for games design, animation, film, and broadcast.

The Unreal Engine is a popular engine used by developers across all platforms to develop some of the best video games around the world. It is also used in various sectors such as cinema, architecture, transport, live events, among others.

This training will offer students for exciting new opportunities in Northern Ireland across the world and provide them with the right skills to tackle their future.

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