UK’s plan to reach large-scale computing capacity

A recent report from the Government Office for Science revealed how the UK can have world-class computing capacity by increasing coordination.

The report studied the interdependencies between hardware, software, and skills with supercomputers. Large-scale computing has become vital for solving industrial and scientific problems, hence, it is essential for public health systems, finance, research, and business to have access to good computing capability.

It was also stated that innovations in artificial intelligence, optimization of energy networks, data processing, as well as simulations will bring a variety of new benefits such as biological understanding, building resilience to external shocks like COVID-19, and further medical developments.

The report noted that world-class computing capability will offer better development for research, product, and testing. By doing so, all of this will enhance the UK’s competitiveness. It will set out the building blocks needed to create a world-class computing ecosystem so that the UK can fully use the full potential of large-scale computing and strengthen its position as a science superpower.


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