UK workers to be keen to learn new digital skills and low-code

A new report by Mendix revealed that 72% of British workers seem keen to learn new digital skills and to play a more important part in the digital transformation of their organizations.

With the spread of the pandemic and the shift of ways of working almost overnight, workers had to find the best ways to support the digital transformation of their enterprises by working with the IT team to make project implementation more successful as well as helping the IT team better understand everyday business challenges.

Moreover, more UK employees want to get involved with their organizations’ software development and are keen to learn new skills, such as creating their own applications. Indeed, 72% of workers desire to learn new digital skills while 49% would also like to build apps that would help them succeed in their work. Yet it was reported that only 6% of workers are actually learning software development.

Hence, there is a shift towards low-code software development platforms, as more UK workers declaring they would be interested in learning model-driven low-code. This movement could potentially help businesses tackle the talent gap they are experiencing due to the pandemic and Brexit.

This would be a great opportunity for the UK economy, as low-code software development enables those without any coding experience to build applications. Thus, organizations would be able to quickly deliver digital solutions that support their strategic needs, all the while enabling the IT department and other divisions to work in a more agile, collaborative manner.

Besides, around 59% of UK workers believe that learning low-code or another digital skill would allow them to be more successful in their current role. 26% also think that learning new digital skills is necessary to keep their jobs.

Therefore, low-code and other digital skills could help organizations unlock potential as well as gaining a single, collaborative platform that will enable anyone to get involved in building business applications. This will then lead to more innovation and productivity.


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