UK to launch first rocket in space by 2022

The British company Skyrora is determined to see its Skyrora XL rocket be ready to be launched by 2022.


Hence, in the past months, 100 tests were run, and a vacuum chamber test was designed to imitate the conditions in space. It was reported that the first 20 tests in vacuum conditions saw the 3.5kN engine achieve 1,500 seconds of operation.


Although there is still a lot to be done before the rocket is ready, including development on the 70kN engine, the British company believes this is a goal it can reach within the next few years.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is even set to start the creation of a new “Space Command” by increasing the UK’s Ministry of Defence budget. This would be a rather important milestone for UK’s Space Command if indeed it manages to launch its first rocket in 2022.

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