UK to be testing first full-sized autonomous bus in Scotland

The UK is currently testing its first-ever full-sized autonomous bus on the roads of Scotland.

Indeed, Stagecoach, alongside Fusion Processing, Alexander Dennis (ADL), and Transport Scotland, has put into place the project CAVForth which aims to operate autonomous buses in the UK. The buses are made with Fusion Processing’s sensor and control technology so that the vehicles can drive on pre-selected roads without human intervention.

This autonomous testing comes after the buses have been put through a series of depot-based trials, track testing, and virtual simulation. If this initiative is successful, it will help reduce journey times and enhance journey time reliability for buses going to Edinburgh. The project aims to recruit around 20 specially trained autonomous bus professionals to monitor the autonomous system. The buses will also have a bus captain who will be helping passengers and answering their questions.

Stagecoach is thrilled to move the testing phases forward and hopes to fully launch the UK’s first full-sized autonomous bus service so as to provide easy access to a brand-new bus route in east Scotland. If the project moves forward, it will become a landmark demonstration of future technologies in transport.


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