UK technology workforce to feel pressure to increase their skills and knowledge

A recent report by Pluralsight revealed that the majority of the UK technology workforce feels pressured to continuously develop their knowledge.

Indeed, it was stated that 46% feel so pressured that they are putting in hours outside of workdays, either before or after working hours or on weekends. Due to the pandemic and the shift to digital transformation, many organizations lack cloud computing, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and data storage skills.

In order to face this challenge, around 64% of companies have decided to invest in on-demand developer training. Many organizations choose to upskill instead of hiring to bridge the skills gap, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, IT ops, cloud management, and database management.

It was also found out that the skills that developers are most keen to learn are cloud management, coding/programming, and analytics/business intelligence. However, busy schedules, as well as distracting work environments, are the biggest barriers to learning at play.

Yet, 76% of the technology workforce remain satisfied with the opportunities provided by their organizations and around 70% of UK technologists report being satisfied with their job and career.


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