UK Tech companies urged to protect female users more from online abuse

It was recently reported that tech companies should try to protect users, especially women, and remove harmful content from social media platforms.

Indeed, a study by Ofcom found that women were more likely to be victims of harassment online while only 42% of women feel comfortable about speaking freely online. As part of the UK government’s Online Harms Bill, tech companies are urged to take action in order to protect all users from hateful content. As of now, 60% of the women surveyed have been affected by hateful online comments, with 75% of mixed-ethnic and black internet users having encountered harmful content in the past month.

Hence, it was recommended that technology companies make sure that female members of their staff are involved in the development of services and platforms. So far, it was noticed that only 21% of people who had reported content said it had been taken down while half said nothing was done. There is then a vital need to do more to ensure the safety of all users so they can all enjoy online platforms without being harmed.


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