UK prize awarded to creator of pioneer open-source predictive software

The premier UK Young Scientist award was recently awarded to Dr. Kim Jelfs for developing revolutionary computational approaches enabling the accelerated discovery of new materials.

Indeed, the Awards, which were conferred by the Blavatnik Family Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences, are offering unrestricted prizes for young scientists and engineers who are under and age of 42 across the UK. Dr. Kim Jelfs won in the Chemistry category, going home with £100,000. Her project showed the ability to predict the structure of materials before they are created as well as their unique properties and functions.

The usual process is time-consuming and unpredictable, hence, Dr. Jelfs’ open-source software is able to predict the properties and functions of advanced supramolecular materials. This discovery has enabled various work with synthetic laboratories all over the world as well as the creation of new molecules and materials that wouldn’t have existed without her predictive software.



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