UK Post Office workers wrongfully convicted due to faulty software

It was recently found out that 39 former UK postmasters have been convicted wrongfully due to flawed software.

Indeed, the software, which had been used for the last 20 years by the UK postal service, is apparently unable to do the math properly, thus resulting in reported cash shortages that never happened. In order to fix this issue, some employees have attempted to make up the shortages with their own money.
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However, the UK Post Office went on by prosecuting the employees for fourteen years.
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It was stated that a total of 736 employees were convicted of stealing money, leading to imprisonment for some, from 2000 to 2014. Still, the UK Post Office kept on using that same Horizon computer system.

It was only recently that the last wrongful criminal convictions were overturned yet no one at the Post Office or software developer have been held accountable for the lives they ruined.

The UK Court however declared that the Post Office knew about the software’s issues and still decided to not investigate further, believing its software rather than its employees hired to do the job…

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