UK police’s use of AI tech could create conflicts around transparency & openness

Although the House of Lords has been looking into the UK police’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic technologies, there are still worries about how these technologies are implemented.

Indeed, AI researcher Sandra Wachter has recently stated that the impact of AI suppliers’ hostility to transparency and openness could lead to conflicts. Without transparency, there might be issues regarding intellectual property and trade secrets, especially as the efficacy of these technologies is not yet proven. It was also noted that there were various dubious selling practices stemming from a conflict of interest between police forces and private sector suppliers.

Hence, in order to deal with that, it was recommended to give extra support to police buyers so they know how to use the technology proficiently as well as create a national body to certify new technology. By doing so, guidelines would be developed along with local and regional ethics committees to make sure that the use of AI is legitimate, necessary, and proportionate.


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