UK National Cyber Force will be based in Lancashire

The UK government has recently announced that its cyber-attack agency, the National Cyber Force, will be based in Samlesbury, Lancashire.

Indeed, the organization, which has been operating since April 2020, unified officials from MI6, GCHQ, and the military under a single command for the first time ever. Together, they hope to counter threats from criminals, terrorists, and hostile states.

Samlesbury will then host the organization, as well as an aircraft factory for the military tech firm BAE Systems. The village has also been involved in military aircraft development since 1922. By doing so, it will receive more than £5 billion of investment before 2030.

The organization will be hosting a variety of cyber hackers and analysts as well as help create hundreds of support jobs in business and legal affairs. Hence, this guarantees that the British armed forces will be working with cyber-operations so as to defend against hackers and cyber-attacks.

This aims to show that Britain is investing in next-generation defense capability to protect its citizens and counter cyber threats.


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