UK government to launch bootcamps to improve digital skills of the workforce

The UK government has recently announced it would give £36m in funds for new bootcamps aimed to improve the digital and technical skills of the workforce.

By doing so, the UK will be boosting technology roles and skillsets and help organisations adapt more rapidly and easily to the digital transformations caused by the pandemic. As there is an increased move to the cloud, it is necessary to have people who can analyse and interpret data, apply it to contexts such as cybersecurity, customer engagement, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation.

Hence, reinforcing data analytical skills will improve the UK technology sector and eventually, its economy.

It was also reported that the most important areas to help organisations achieve their business goals are software as a service, big data, AI/machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA). All these areas need people to apply coding, data, and analytical skills to achieve certain outcomes.

The government’s Bootcamp initiative could then be the solution to help people develop their digital skills and find a career in tech. In this new cloud-based world, it is becoming vital that the UK focuses more on giving its workforce the right aptitude and skillsets to deal with today’s needs.


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