UK government to launch a digital identity trust framework

The UK Government recently published a digital identity trust framework, which described the principles, policies procedures, and standards needed to govern the digital identity market.

Indeed, the framework seeks to enable key stakeholders such as industries, organizations, and users to test and give feedback on the document before reaching a final version, which will be brought into law. Hence, this framework details the requirements for organizations concerning their use of digital identity services. This includes having a strict data management policy and following the standards regarding information security and encryption.
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Moreover, the organizations are also obliged to alert users when some changes have been made to the digital identity account and must follow guidance on how to choose secure authentication. This should help establish trust and confidence in online digital services and build an understanding between the people and the organizations and services.
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The framework is the first working version of the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework. It is an important step towards the future of the digital economy.

The government will make public a report every year regarding which demographics have been excluded from their service and why so as to make sure everyone is included.

It was also reported that the framework will be central to the Government Digital Service’s (GDS) work with other departments so as to develop a more secure system, which will guarantee the users easier access to government services. In time, this will help organizations save time, money, and effort, as well as better deal with security breaches and fraud.

The final framework should be published in summer 2021.

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