UK government to focus more on data to improve productivity and growth

The UK government has published its National AI Strategy in September, aiming to drive the digital future of the country and improve governance and regulation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Indeed, the strategy focuses on increasing resilience, productivity, and economic growth through using data more effectively. To do so, businesses all over the UK need to ensure that their data is fit for purpose, recorded in standardised formats, as well as being interoperable and reusable. This will allow building new AI services and products.

It was then reported that improving data foundations will increase productivity and increase long-term economic value. Yet, businesses still need to work on improving their use of data.

Organisations need to have a better data strategy and data-improvement initiatives in place in order to have data quality and require skilled workers that have relevant data skills. Businesses also need to adopt robust data governance processes with a data fabric so that they can track data throughout its life and implement data quality and control protocols to make sure that data and AI can be trusted.

However, legacy IT systems are an issue in most businesses as they have difficulty accessing suitable technology and data infrastructure. Moreover, SMEs are more likely to be impacted by issues linked to data foundations, such as getting the right data infrastructure and data skillsets.


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