UK government announced new digital strategy to strengthen digital tech

The UK government has recently announced a new digital strategy in order to secure future growth for a £150bn digital economy.

Indeed, digital secretary Nadine Dorries plans to bring together numerous initiatives to make the UK the best place to start and grow a technology business. The strategy will then bring cross-government tech and digital policies together in one unified roadmap to ensure digital technology, infrastructure and data drive economic growth and innovation in the coming years. In the long run, this will lead to new jobs, skills, and services to benefit the UK.

The strategy will focus on digital foundations, ideas, and intellectual property, digital skills, financial digital growth, speaking prosperity, and leveling up, as well as enhancing the UK’s place in the world. It will work to support and strengthen the digital economy and grow the UK tech sector’s annual gross value added (GVA) by £41.5bn by 2025 and create a further 678,000 jobs.

The UK Digital Strategy aims to become a roadmap to reinforce the UK’s position as a science and tech superpower.


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