UK Data minister announced new data & AI research project

Data Minister Chris Philip has recently made a speech about the importance of data and artificial intelligence in enhancing innovation and driving growth.

Indeed, it was reported that AI UK was leading the UK in AI development and showcasing the best talents, but most of all, the minister highlighted the vital need for international collaboration on AI and data. AI and data applications are improving people’s lives and services across the world and are helping tackle the biggest challenges.

Alongside the Alan Turing Institute and their Policy Pilot Partners, the minister introduced a new research project of AI UK that will focus on furthering the understanding of data justice and how can data and AI help citizens face worldwide challenges.

In order to do so, the Data Minister announced the launch of the second call for the Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellowships. The initiative will have around £20 million of funding available through two rounds, to support exceptional AI researchers to advance AI through world-leading programs of research.

This project will be part of a strategic government investment to retain, attract and develop AI research talent; as well as build international collaboration on AI governance. The strategy aims to have a 10-year vision with overseas cooperation on using AI for good.

The UK’s approach to international AI governance will be available later this year.


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