UK Cyber Security Council to include more diversity and inclusivity in the cyber sector

The UK Cyber Security Council recently reported its views on diversity and inclusivity (D&I) in the cyber security sector.

Indeed, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released a report called Decrypting Diversity containing recommendations on how to improve the D&I performance of the sector and to ensure that there are no barriers to entry to it.

In the long run, implementing diversity and inclusivity will help the sector and the UK to benefit from the wider range of abilities, improved creativity, different thinking, and alternative contributions of a truly diverse, inclusive cyber security workforce. The Council and the NCSC are then in agreement over the D&I objectives for the sector and what needs to be done to improve the programme.

The Council will then develop a series of case studies and career journeys that show the breadth of routes into cyber and the diversity of professionals in the industry today. This should be done in order to individuals the variety of opportunities available, even at entry-level. Besides, the Council promises to offer cyber roles and provide the skills required to develop a framework to describe cyber roles and skills consistently.

Hence, the Council will play support D&I programmes and encourage cyber-related organisations that want to lead the way in D&I.


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