UK Council revealed its AI roadmap report

The UK’s AI Council revealed its roadmap report earlier this week, alongside recommendations to promote its use in health and social care.


The council, which is made up of an independent expert committee appointed by the Government, announced that the public sector should be a priority area for AI innovation in order to improve services and policymaking. For this to be successful, the report stated that relevant data should be accessed and evaluated by public servants. Hence, it proposed a central place where all the information on tools and projects could be found.


Moreover, the report also stated that AI should only be used in projects that are outcome-based and that departments should collaborate with each other so they can improve over time. Thus, in time, there should be a focus on linking public and private sector data to get more insights and have a better and more sophisticated adoption of AI.


The council should benefit from Government funding for pathfinder projects, which include public authorities and industry working together.


The report highlights that this project aims to demystify algorithmic decision making, to build up data science skills in government, and to support intelligent procurement of AI products. Yet, there is the need to make sure that the technology is used ethically, which the independent committee will keep an eye on.


The roadmap stated that AI can be used to manage complex information flows and the integration of systems within the health and social care services. Besides, it reported that the NHSX would work with other entities on research and innovation. It will also be looking to extend the use of AI beyond hospitals to increase the degree of care and give the UK economy a competitive advantage in the field.


Finally, the report revealed that the development of AI in the UK would give a 10% increase in GDP in 2030.


The council will be working with the Alan Turing Institute, the Royal Society, and the Royal Statistical Society.


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