UK companies to work towards more AI and ML implementation

A recent study by Rackspace Technology revealed that UK companies are falling behind regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) implementation.

Indeed, it was reported that only 10% of organizations have high capabilities in AI and ML, compared to 17% worldwide. Hence, 90% of organizations are either at the early stages of exploring the technology’s potential or still requiring significant organizational work to implement an AI/ML solution.

The report thus revealed that most UK organizations want to incorporate AI and ML initiatives but they lack the resources and infrastructures to do so. Besides, this shows that while some are already seeing the benefits of these technologies, others are faced with many challenges such as lack of internal knowledge, outdated technology stacks, poor data quality, or the inability to measure ROI (return on investment).

Moreover, the report stated that UK organizations see AI and ML potential in a variety of business units, including IT, finance, operations, and marketing. Many businesses with successful AI and ML programs have increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Many UK organizations are still in the process of determining if they will build internal AI/ML support, or outsource it to a trusted partner. It was however reported that many of them are working with an experienced provider in order to tackle the complexities of AI and ML development.


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