Twitter outage due to “internal system change”

Social media website, Twitter, went down yesterday with users across the world being unable to access the site.

Users started to experience problems at around 6.46pm GMT. According to the monitoring website,, 25,837 reports of outages on Twitter had been made by around

It had also been reported that the social news website, Reddit, was also down on Thursday, but was quickly up and running again.

An inside problem

In a post, Twitter acknowledged the issue and claimed the reason behind the outage was due to an inside problem. They said: “Twitter is back up for some people, and we’re working to make sure our service is available to everyone as quickly as possible. The interruption was due to an internal system change, which we are now fixing. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and should be at 100% soon.”

After investigating the problem outwardly, ThousandEyes, a network monitoring company, agrees that the problem seemed to be an internal issue.

A spokesperson for the company says: “ThousandEyes tests show no Internet or external network issues from users to Twitter sites. We don’t see any evidence of a volumetric DDoS attack on the Twitter service. Rather, like the brief Reddit service disruption yesterday, the issue appeared to be server-side as evidenced by HTTP 500 Service Unavailable errors. This ThousandEyes Path Visualization shows that the network paths from ThousandEyes monitoring agents in various cities to Twitter data centers aren’t seeing any unusual packet loss or other issue.”

Social media sites

Other social media websites, such as Pinterest and Facebook, appeared to be working well at the time.

However, Facebook and Instagram did experience outages earlier this month, which were rapidly fixed.


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