Top tech companies to have significant gender pay gaps

It was found out that some of the top leading tech companies in the UK still have significant gender pay gaps.

Indeed, a study by Evening Standard showed that tech unicorns – private organisations worth $1 billion or more – have a bigger gender pay gap than the national average, with a 21.6% gender pay gap compared to a UK average of 13.6%.

It is then very alarming considering the IT industry is already a traditionally male-dominated sector and little has been done to increase the diversity within the sector. Women are still critically underrepresented and especially within start-ups. It was reported that only 5% of UK unicorns were founded by women.

The gap in gender pay is mainly due to companies having more men at the top than women. In order to resolve this gender disparity, it is then necessary to hire more women at senior levels and bring more women to the business.


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