The use of low-code tools have increased during the pandemic

According to new research by Nuxeo, it was revealed that organizations have increased their use of low-code development tools since the beginning of the pandemic. There is indeed a growing need to digitalize faster than ever and low-code seems to be the solution.

Digital transformations have become a priority with the crisis, especially as most software developers said to be lacking the tools to develop apps and products quickly. With most of the businesses having to go online and produce high-quality products in less time than ever, they are in definite need of new tools that can enhance the agility, flexibility and provide the best customer experience. Thus, a lot of developers have been using more low-code development tools in order to meet the deadlines and speed up the process.
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Low-code development tools can benefit organizations in many ways. Indeed, they ease the development process all the while helping the company to be more innovative and productive as well as giving an enhanced user experience and staying ahead of the competition. Low-code tools improve greatly the development of content-based applications, which are often abandoned by enterprises due to the projects taking too long and being too expensive to complete.

Software developers who use low-code tools are able to use their time more efficiently as it helps them focus on more interesting and complex tasks, hence, bringing more value to the company.

It is then possible that, in the near future, organizations will shift more and more towards the use of low-code tools as it will become a vital part of development.

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