The UK to work on driving transport innovation forward

The UK government has recently announced that it was planning to maximize the benefits and opportunities of emerging transport technologies.

Indeed, it was reported that transport and aviation technologies, such as drones and electric vehicles, would help drive innovation across the country. The new proposals then include a robust and expansive charge point network to switch easily to electric vehicles as well as many charge points along streets and motorways to make them more accessible and easier to use.

The UK is also working to implement tougher environmental standards for new vehicles and benefit from transport innovation and tech development. The proposals hope to address the systemic changes in transport being facilitated by electrification, automation, and new digital and data-driven ways of doing business. The aviation and maritime industry will also be a part of the proposals as they are looking to make them more secure and sustainable.

By doing so, the government aims to ensure high standards for users all the while creating a research-friendly environment so as to drive transport innovation forward. This safer and greener transport system should then attract investment and support skilled jobs all over the country.

Moreover, Scotland is already gaining from the expansion of its EV charging network and its slim charging pad project in Edinburgh, which are electric pads that can charge electric vehicles in less than an hour.


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