The UK to be growing its tech industry

A recent study from found out that the number of tech unicorns in the UK has risen significantly in the last decade and start-ups are bringing in more funding for growth than any other European country.

Indeed, it was reported that there were only eight tech unicorns – companies that are more than one billion dollars – in 2010. However, we can now report at least 81, with 132 UK businesses being close to gain this status. In comparison, Germany had only 31 in 2020 while France had 17.

Most of them are based in London, as well as Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire. These companies usually excel in the autonomous vehicle, data, and biopharmaceutical industries.

This then shows that digital technology in the UK is a rapidly growing sector and will help the country grow further. The UK Government is pro-tech and is investing heavily in world-class digital infrastructure and skills to back talent across the country and bring about a golden age of UK tech.

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