The threat of climate change on IT businesses

It was found out that very few IT leaders consider climate change and natural disasters as a threat to their organizations. They are often not taking into account the tremendous impact it can have on their products and services.


Indeed, recent research by Ensono revealed that only 8% of IT leaders see extreme weather or natural disasters as a concern for their enterprises while only 9% are worried about the impact of the green agenda. The priority now seems to be focused on the economic disruption of the pandemic and Brexit rather than the environmental impact.


Yet, climate change remains a high-level risk for businesses, especially as it becomes more important every day. Without intervention, enterprises could lose a lot in terms of infrastructures, revenues, and resources. Many industries are susceptible to be impacted including technology firms.


With the pandemic, a lot of organizations are implementing digital transformation programs. Some of these programs feature financial incentives to promote green technology, such as the non-domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) which pays enterprises that use renewable energy sources. It was found out that tech firms are at the top of digital transformation programs using green energy although more still needs to be done.


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