The rise of automated testing tools

Nowadays, more and more organizations are applying DevOps processes to the development of web and mobile applications. Following the propagation of the pandemic, mobile apps are becoming vital to digital business transformation initiatives and are now starting to integrate testing tools with code repositories and other DevOps platforms.

For instance, it was announced recently that Applitools’s test automation tools have been integrated with GitHub and GitHub Actions. These integrations allow adding testing tools, which integrate machine learning (ML) algorithms and Visual AI to the DevOps workflow. By doing so, the company is trying to facilitate the correlation of code changes across various versions of web and mobile app updates using any testing framework and programming languages.

In the future, more organizations will rely on AI to test applications. This will simplify the automated testing of all feature branches without having an impact on the trunk and its tests. Moreover, AI testing will allow developers to have more control over the application use cases, reduce the number of mistakes made, and resolve regression issues with root cause analytics.

It is then evident that the future of application testing will keep on growing and become more automated.

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