The future of test automation with AI-based platform


The future of test automation with AI-based platform

Testim uses artificial intelligence to speed the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated tests.

A developer can author a test case in minutes and execute them on multiple web and mobile platforms. Testim learns from every execution, self-improving the stability of test cases, resulting in a test suite that doesn’t break on every code change.

Testim analyzes hundreds of attributes in realtime to identify each element vs. static locators. Little effort, if any, is then required to maintain these test cases yet they are stable and trustworthy.

Helge Scheil, VP of Engineering for Engagio, said: “We were able to increase our coverage by 4-5x within 6 weeks of using Testim. We can write more tests in less time and maintenance is not as time-consuming.

“We integrated Testim via its CLI and made “run test <label>” commands available in our “deployment” Slack channel as well as a newly created “regression_test” channel.

“Any deployment that involves our web app now automatically runs our smoke tests. In addition to that, we run nightly full regression tests. Running four cloud/grid Testim VMs in parallel we’re able to run our full regression test suite in roughly 10 minutes.”


The future of test automation with AI-based platform



It’s no surprise that mobile is big and only getting bigger. There are currently 8.7 billion mobile connections in the world – more than a billion active devices than there are people.

Ensuring seamless user experiences for mobile users requires extensive software testing which you can now do with Testim. We have become the only fully integrated AI test automation platform that supports Web, Mobile Web and Native applications. Happy Testim customers now include companies in financial services, retail, government, healthcare and more!

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