TestGear’s Newest Cloud Version Proves Best for Team Velocity and Culture

A business is as strong as its team. We at TestGear are seeing collaboration improve among distributed teams due to one aspect which has been described in feedback as “everyone can see the same “pane of glass.” Whether a QA engineer, developer, or product manager – all team members can both view and review testing activities seamlessly in our newest cloud version. This universal visibility supports a better adoption for Agile and TestOps workflows in a single space.

Whether testing manually, exploring test automation or extending DevOps efforts, the TestGear cloud unites it all. Our newest cloud version is technology-centric with connectability in mind, so teams have a more fluid tool integration system to sync with. Jira, Azure DevOps, CI/CD systems like Jenkins, GitLab, or Bitbucket can all be seamlessly integrated with TestGear.

No matter what your software is or which programming language you use for QA automation – TestGear Cloud has a place for it all. TestGear Cloud version supports various manual testing use cases – testing with checklists, full-scale test scenarios, various test cycles – as well as automated test runs on different test environments.

For teams looking to accelerate the transition to automated testing, our new cloud version is a great foundation to build on. The test results get imported and visualised for any configuration, environment, or test type, and regular expression setups allow for automated root cause analysis. For organizations that have already embraced test automation, the cloud provides a fast track to even greater scalability.

To ensure business success now and in the future, it is imperative to maximize the return on your existing software investment. Our cloud test management system which brings all QA and automation teams on the same page is a clear way to reach faster time-to-release and higher software quality.

You can register here for a 14-day free trial of TestGear Cloud.


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