Test Magazine January 2022

To celebrate the New Year, we are delighted to present you the first issue of 2022 of TEST MAGAZINE!

This month, it is all about Virtual Technologies in Software Testing. As virtualization and virtual technologies are growing signification in the industry, it is essential to embrace them fully.

Discover how to improve Virtual Testing Strategies as well as gain an understanding of Virtualization within a Testing Environment and develop a Strategy for Testing Virtual Reality Applications. All of these through exclusive and though-leadership articles, features, and interviews.

Created in early 2008, Test Magazine offers you some of the best quality and thought-leadership content on Software Testing and Quality Assurance. The magazine features the work and talents of experts in the industry, sharing with us all their knowledge and expertise on a multitude of contemporary and trendy topics.

Test Magazine aims to give a voice to professionals serious about software testing and quality in the modern environment. Being distributed to thousands upon thousands of readers worldwide and with a unique and interesting take on themes that matters in the community, Test Magazine really does lead the way when it comes to staying up to date with the latest trends and industry insights.

Test Magazine is published in digital format on a bi-monthly basis and written in an accessible, jargon-free style, so as to give you an unbiased, holistic, and pragmatic viewpoint that has allowed it to become an industry-leading journal.


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