Tesla to test its self-driving software for safety

Tesla has recently declared that its new over-the-air software update wasn’t safe enough for public roads and would be tested independently.

Indeed, the software was updated earlier this month for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 9 software, which is an advanced driver-assist system that relies only on cameras instead of cameras and radars. However, it was soon reported that the self-driving cars with the software were driving dangerously such as making unprotected left turns.

Tesla then announced it would be testing the software update on its Model Y SUV to make sure it is completely safe. It also said that Tesla owners are aware of the software updates and the unknown issues that may arise when they signed up for Tesla’s Early Access Program that delivers beta software for feedback.

Tesla’s updates are shipped out to drivers all over the country. Yet, the company hasn’t made it clear whether the software will take into account self-driving regulations in specific states, some of which have enacted laws related to autonomous driving.

The software update has new features that automate some driving tasks, such as navigating intersections and city streets with the driver’s supervision. However, testing developing self-driving systems without adequate driver support can lead to dangerous situations on the road.


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