Tesla plans to open-source vehicle security software

Elon Musk believes Tesla’s vehicle security software is the best solution to an increased risk of hacking and plans to open-source it for free to other car makers for a more secure self-driving car industry.

In the past Musk has stated that preventing a fleet-wide hack is Tesla’s top security priority “I think one of the biggest concerns for autonomous vehicles is somebody achieving a fleet-wide hack,” on which he elaborated by saying “in principle, if someone was able to say, hack all the autonomous Teslas, they could – just as a prank – say ‘send them all to Rhode Island’ from across the United States… and that would be the end of Tesla and there would be a lot of angry people in Rhode Island!”

Vehicle security software

Last year Musk publicly stated that Tesla’s security effort, related to their vehicles becoming fully autonomous, had developed specialised encryption for multiple sub-systems in the vehicle and that Tesla was developing a mechanism for drivers to always have an overriding authority if their autonomous vehicle ever started doing something ‘wacky’.

Musk now says that Tesla plans to open-source its security software for free to other automakers; open-sourcing should encourage security researchers to help make it even more secure by trying to find new vulnerabilities in the cars’ software.

Written by Barnaby Dracup

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