Tesla accuses former employee to have stolen automation software

It was reported that a former employee of the automotive company Tesla would have stolen company information.


Software engineer Alex Khatilov is accused of stealing files from Tesla’s internal network related to its Warp Drive Software. This software is even more vital as it is used to automate many of the company’s business processes.


The company then sued Khatilov for apparently moving the file to his personal Dropbox, as he was one of the few employees to have access to it.


Khatilov defends himself by saying that he moved the files in his Dropbox unintentionally, and he didn’t know that Tesla had filed a lawsuit against him until he was contacted by the newspapers.


This is not the first time that the company sues former employees in order to protect its EV and self-driving technology. Indeed, in December, Tesla dealt with a former process technician who leaked confidential information to a reporter.

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