Tech employment to rise in 2021

A recent report by CompTIA stated an important growth of tech employment of more than 245,000 new jobs, with many organisations looking to increase their tech workforces in 2021.

Indeed, it was reported that many companies are planning to hire core IT workers in cybersecurity data science, software developers, and IT user support specialists. They are also looking to have more emerging infrastructure and hardware, and use artificial intelligence.

With the pandemic and the new needs of the IT businesses, enterprises are in need of people who can translate technical information as well as IT professionals, such as business analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and data visualizers. Besides, it was stated that gaining skills in machine learning techniques, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing was essential.

The report also underlined the importance of training programs that should include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but also the arts so as to ensure an interdisciplinary and effective approach to problem-solving across all industries.

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