Tech employees to prefer working remotely

Since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have started to work remotely in order to protect themselves. Hence, following this, a recent report by Indeed revealed that 95% of tech employees are planning on keeping on working remotely, even after the end of the pandemic.


Indeed, with remote working comes many benefits such as increased flexibility and lack of commute, which can take for some people up to a few hours. Moreover, remote work allows employees to spend more time with their families and get on with their personal responsibilities. Thus, it was highlighted that remote working was helping people to have a healthier work-life balance.


Furthermore, many respondents declared that remote work could help create a more inclusive and diverse workplace as well as increase geographic diversity as people from anywhere can now work for their business.


Among other benefits, it was stated the remote working could make finding a new position less difficult as it would no longer be limited to an area and people wouldn’t have to consider commute time anymore. Many employees have already used this opportunity to relocate temporarily or permanently.


Yet, 1/20 participants still stated their desire to return to the office. Remote working makes collaboration and communication more difficult and some people suffer greatly from the lack of social opportunities. Almost half of the participants believed that remote work could be negative for their career growth and they are willing to look for other positions in the office if necessary.


With the current situation of the world, it would seem that remote working is here to stay, at least for a while.

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