Survey finds that most business leaders buy software that don’t fit their needs

A new study by Capterra, a Gartner company, revealed that more than 70% of small business leaders are more likely to compromise greatly or even purchase software that may not meet their needs.


After Capterra surveyed around 1,000 small business owners, it was reported that few businesses would purchase software that would meet most or all expectations without compromises.


The report stated that most companies are more likely to compromise on their original vision or get software that doesn’t meet every expectation. This then leads to further problems, more software purchases, or, even, purchase regret that could force small businesses to start all over.


The key reasons for this are the necessity for productivity improvements, pressure from competitors, and the need for technology that could handle the company’s growth.


Yet, the report found out that if businesses focused on external motivations such as competitive pressures, instead of internal motivations, they would be more likely to buy software that meets all expectations.


Moreover, 60% of businesses say not to be able to find the perfect match for their technology needs even when trying to increase productivity and efficiency.


Therefore, the report suggested small business leaders use at their advantages the free trial periods, as it is one of the best ways to know if a software is adapted to the company’s needs. The survey found out that those who used the free trial periods had better chances of finding software or vendors who could meet their expectations.


Finally, the report also stated that business leaders who never added any vendors to their shortlist after it was finalized were 61% more likely to find the best software for their needs.

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