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Study reveals the relevance of digital technologies in the future of the workforce - Software Testing News

Study reveals the relevance of digital technologies in the future of the workforce

A recent survey by YouGov revealed that the relevance of digital technologies is not perceived in the same way across the workforce.

Indeed, it was reported that desk workers think that emerging technologies are more relevant than deskless workers. Desk employees –  who are working in offices – identified cybersecurity, digital communication technologies, and collaboration software as the most vital technologies to come. Deskless employees – who work in field service, logistics, or production – think the same but with different weighting put on the importance.
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However, topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are not among the ones of importance for both deskless and desk workers.

The study also reported that cybersecurity and cloud computing would be gaining in importance in the near future for office jobs in the corporate departments. On the other hand, these technologies are considered less relevant for deskless workers in logistics and production, however, these technologies are considered less relevant but they seem to have a better idea of the vital need for AI and AR in the future.
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Hence, the survey revealed that many companies still don’t have a precise idea of how the working environments beyond the classic office jobs can be included in the digital transformation. This will then become one of the great challenges of the digital age so that these deskless employees can also benefit from the advantages of digitalization.

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