Software testing has begun on Facebook dating app

Following Facebook’s announcement at its F8 developer conference, the social media site has begun internally software testing the new Facebook dating app with employees.

Facebook employees have been using fake data to test the social network’s dating profiles and will delete all data before the feature is launched to the public by the end of the year.

Computer Scientist, Jane Manchun Wong, found useful code and features that Facebook was unaware of when reverse-engineering the code for the dating feature which helped uncover issues and bugs.

Wong shared demonstrations of Facebook’s new dating app features via Twitter:

Facebook dating app profiles

The feature will be integrated into Facebook’s social network, where users will be able to search for potential dates. Once the feature is launched, only people who have turned on the dating app will be able to see who else is actively looking for love and information won’t be shared to ‘News Feed’.

“You can choose if friends of friends can see you or not, and ‘Dating’ profiles allow non-binary and transgender and orientation options,” wrote Facebook in a blog post.

“You’ll unlock ‘Groups’ or ‘Events’ you’re a part of for ‘Dating’, and you’ll be able to browse potential matches based on the plethora of info Facebook knows about you. If two people express interest in each other (no swiping), they can text each other over Messenger or WhatsApp.”

According to Jean Meyer, CEO of Once, there are many things to be said about the first screenshots of the Facebook Dating service leaked. But one thing is for sure – despite an initial irrational fear in the dating market when the service was announced on 18 April 2018, Facebook won’t be a threat to Tinder or Once.

Meyer continues: “I find the first UI/UX screens of Facebook Dating very disappointing. It’s a copycat of any other dating app. It has no identity and no UX innovation. It’s a simple “LIKE/PASS” that looks like a mix between Tinder and Once. They could have come up with something new and revolutionary that would have disrupted the entire industry.

“Instead, they did exactly what everybody else is doing. Where is your sense of innovation Facebook? Why would our users switch to your service? If I can’t see the initial draw in the dating industry, I find it hard to imagine how the supposed customers will.

“It’s not the first time that Facebook has tried to extend its business into new industries or verticals. Around a year ago Facebook added a button right in the middle of its main app to push users to a new service called “Marketplace” that was supposedly a Gumtree and Craigslist killer.”

Filtering options

The app will consist of screenshots which show the sign-up flow for Facebook dating, as well as filtering options so the person looking for love doesn’t have to beat around the bush and can choose characteristics of the type of person they’re looking for.

Chief Product Officer Chris Cox unveiling the company’s new dating platform at Facebook’s 2018 F8 conference.

“Dating apps have something in common: they connect their users. Therefore, I don’t see why Facebook Dating would be any more successful than Marketplace. Not only will there not be any direct access to Facebook Dating from the main navigation bar, allegedly, but also a user will need to dig into the settings to be able to opt-in,” added Meyer.

“I understand that both services will be strictly separated and that your dating profile will be a carbon copy of your Facebook profile, but who in their right mind would want to use Facebook as a dating service? It already knows what I like and who my friends are, I don’t want it to know who I’m going on dates with!
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Facebook has also announced that it’s considering setting a limit on how many people users can contact to prevent spamming.

Check out how Facebook is using AI to help the online social networking service stay safe! 

Written by Leah Alger

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