Software robots and automation to take over routine jobs in Europe

By 2040, it is likely that around 12 million jobs will be automated and routine tasks replaced by software robots.

Indeed, it was recently reported that many industries such as retail, food services, leisure, and hospitality in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK are set to see a rise in automation, according to Forrester. However, the impact on the jobs market will be lessened due to Europe having fewer people of working age. Besides, the automation industry will be creating around nine million jobs in Europe’s biggest economies.

European organisations had to automate in order to continue being productive and improve remote work. It is then expected that automation will become integral to European governments and company leaders.

Moreover, it was reported that mid-skilled jobs will likely have the biggest automation rates, making up 38% of the workforce in Germany, 34% in France, and 31% in the UK. This will make organisations invest in low-carbon jobs and lead employers to build employees’ skills. The automation industry is also set out to create jobs along with companies that will support the take-up of automation within enterprises.


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