Software issues to delay the reopening of the Island Line

It was recently announced that the refurbished trains for the Isle of Wight have developed software problems, thus meaning that the line will not be able to reopen in May as it was planned.

Indeed, it was found out that the infrastructure works are on track but there is a delay in the delivery of the trains for the Island Line. Although one train to the Isle of Wight was delivered safely a few months ago, the rest of the fleet are unfortunately still being tested.

It would seem that the train line had difficulties with the software after an upgrade destined to enable the train to run on the third rail. The issues were discovered after doing live tests and the company then decided to undertake a thorough review rather than try to patch the software.

The train line is working hard to fix the problem to reopen a safe, reliable, and fully upgraded Island Line as soon as possible. In the meantime, the services will still be assured by buses into the summer.


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