Software development to undergo some changes in 2022

Software development will change significantly in the new year as businesses require a pipeline of software-enabled functionality that needs to be delivered quickly and reliably without burdening software teams.

Indeed, software developers waste a lot of time trying to get their applications on their local computers and the more complex the project gets, the harder this onboarding process becomes. With this new era of remote working, it can become even more complex for developers to run these local development environments.

Hence, these development environments will, in time, move fully to the cloud so that software developers can access their applications quickly and accelerate this process.
Moreover, companies with elite performing engineering organisations are more likely to achieve their organisational goals and achieve a 50% higher growth rate over three years. The number of elite-performing engineering teams is rising as 40% of software developers can now reliably deliver new features on the same day they are asked for them.To make sure that the software development teams are able to deliver new functionality quickly and reliably with no burnout, processes and tools need to be as polished as possible and thus, companies need to have efficient developer analytics platforms.

Finally, software developers are likely to continue working in a remote or hybrid environment than coming to the office. Many organisations are now adopting their workspace as places for occasional collaboration rather than just ongoing work.


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